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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My own poem "Emotions" written and copyright in 2000

Hi there, way back before the year 2000, I had met someone who had completely swept me off my feet! A challenge, just like I like them, with the deepest piercing water blue eyes you had ever seen, with a melting smile.  Need I say more? He inspired many a poem hidden deep within that I didn't know existed!

This is just but one of several, maybe pushing a hundred.  I would sit, think, write, walk, and I've always been a day dreamer.  He was inspiring!

This picture was taken from the front yard at my home last week, monsoons. Gorgeous sky.

I do not claim to be a professional poetry writer, I am just sharing my passing thoughts at the time. It pretty much sums up the feeling.

Emotions run rampant
within me.....
Excitement, fear, wonder,
Have I lost control?
No, a new beginning.....
someone dear,
has caught my eye
and captured my heart.
Afraid to go forward...

But I must....
for life is too precious,
to short.....
not for wasting...
We are here but a short time....
Grab the dear one....
and enjoy what little time
lovers have together.......
Kathleen copyright 2000
Please do not copy, pin or reproduce without written consent, this is an original poem by the author of this blog and was copyrighted in 2000, thank you

Thursday, March 21, 2013

a poem from my Mother

sitting here I am laughing and crying at the same time! i found this book and this lovely little poem which was written by our Mother
from the 1970s! She sent this to me in the book you see on "How to Choose and Enjoy Wine."It was a birthday present ;what a sense of humor she had, not to mention a beautiful written word! Miss you Mom! so much!  so here is "her" poem!
Here's this book I bought for you, It isn't necessarily true!
But if you mix and drink and giggle, on you I will have to put a muzzle...
But if you can enjoy a shot, and it doesn't put you on the pot, this book I bought will be worthwile and all we'll do is wave and smile!
love it Mom!
and now, here is one from our Nana! She too had a great humor and personality!
my Nana wrote this to me when I graduated from Jr High School! Way back in the 1960s! She was a character!This has been framed and put by my entryway so I can see it daily and smile! her loving words
"I love your little
I love you big
I love you like a little pig (guess who?)
Nannie. xxxx"
..oh how I miss her too!  hugs Kat